Project Description


Client: Indian middle class working residents
Type: Competition, Residential
Location: All Metro Cities
Built up Area: 1325 sqm
Units: 47
Total Occupancy: 102 People
Common Living Area: 300 sqm
Role: Interior Designer
Contribution: Concept and Coordination
Contributors: Anmol Sharma (Architect), Karunya Manoharan(Architect)

For a long time, home was where you were born, raised or permanently resided. With the advent of urbanization, these ideas started chipping away. Modern transportation facilitated people to travel far and wide, away from places that once felt like home. Though this paved the way for multicultural housing communities, new challenged like lack of space, and resources, high standards of living and social isolation emerged in the housing market.

Where does the wanderer’s heart belong? Beyond the ephemeral definitions lies the timeless concept of what is homely – eating food together, sharing stories, watching people move and truly appreciating the presence of one another. We fill in the boundaries of places and people with the colors of tradition. This is Riwaayat.

Metro cities, India


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