Project Description


Client: Conceptual
Type: Commercial, Office, Retail
Location: Al Mareija Neighborhood, Sharjah
Area: 2500 sqm
Role: Interior Designer
Contribution: Concept, Detail Studies and drawings, Prototyping, Visualization

Note, is a mixed use building that accommodates co-working offices focused in the music industry, retail & F&B. Note is designed for the millennial work force who require a more flexible and integrated live-work lifestyle.
The innovative use of the perforated plywood as an environmental acoustic element, an interior element (as balustrades & interior wall partitions); along with some traditional musical instruments and FF&E choices lends the space an eclectic vibe.
The lower floors of the building are more public, housing programs like the restaurant and the retail vinyl collection while featuring the suspended insulated glass practice pods overlooking a communal stage area.
The upper floors have restricted access for members of the co-working space to rent out equipment and use the communal desks & sound-proof practice rooms.

Al Mareija


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Note, a co-working studio situated near the Sharjah Art Foundation is built around budding entrepreneurs related to the music industry in Sharjah. It caters to international artists who are in town for a few days for either performance venues or for pre performance practices and also to local artists who require a cheaper option for renting formal office space and additional amenities like recording studios, exhibition rooms and jamming studios equipped with the latest technology and softwares.
The Centre is designed with a total of 4 built levels spanning 2 floors. The first 2 levels being the more public and the top two levels requiring higher levels of authorization to access. It facilitates the users with in-house programs like a Café, meeting rooms, an informal performance area, a vinyl record store, a music equipment checkout library, and leasable desk spaces with angled configurations of the communal tables to prevent direct visual disturbances.
The Centre exudes an aesthetic that is modern and eclectic to cater to artists who need experiences that promote ideation. Warm and acoustic materials like perforated plywood panels and traditional rugs paired with the industrial concrete floor finish and the steel finishes lend a nostalgic feel to the co-working space. It is designed to be one that differs from the overused glassy sterile spaces that fill the urban landscape today and provide a breath of fresh air for artists with an eternal classic atmosphere.
Prototypes of the co-working tables were constructed to aid the development of ideas quickly and efficiently and to help visualize the materiality of the custom furniture.
The acoustic panel prototypes were also built to aid our understanding in how all these components came together to form a holistic system. The perforated plywood was realised in two different forms; one – as a lit aesthetic element and second – as an acoustic element.