Project Description


Type: Product Design, Design | Build
Role: Interior Designer
Contribution: Design Conception, Detail Design & Documentation, Prototype Studies

The objective of this course was to design a luminaire which implemented the principles of light and design we learnt in the Color and Light Course.

The constraint consisted of using corrugated cardboard as the primary material composing 60-80% of the product.


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The idea was to develop a circular structure, taking inspiration from the singular source of light, the sun and combine it with the traditional stained glass. The final product was to manifest itself as a modern take on this traditional idea.

Various prototypes were studied incorporating different mechanisms to explore structures following the concept.

Firstly, approximately 500 cardboard pieces were cut of three different dimensions with a notch at an exact angle (different for all three pieces A, B, C) which lent the luminaire its geodesic structure.

Next, These pieces were joined individually and glued. Different colored cellophane sheets were cut into two sizes of triangles and glued to the cardboard structure to create the stained glass effect.

The luminaire is designed for ambient lighting in a cosy living space. It creates a special atmosphere for social gatherings. The lighting effect adds a character to the space while making one want to linger longer.
Its gentle sway with the wind adds dynamism to the space and keeps everyone active and interactive throughout their experience.