attorney invoice template excel

Therefore, the IOLTA was created to collect interest on these smaller or short-term deposits for the benefit of a charitable cause and for the poor. Available in all fifty States, attorneys may place funds from clients into an Interest on Lawyers’ Trust Accounts account to help the poor and for charitable purposes.

Write in detail about the client matter giving a specific ID to each one of the clients and their issues. We would like to explain to you all the services rendered in your legal business and that which needs to be added on the invoice. Type “invoice” in the search bar on the templates page; this will bring up a collection of invoice templates, so you can select the best option for your business. Calculate the subtotal of your sale and add sales tax to find the total amount to be billed.

Our invoice template library below features four leading invoice formats — Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Docs, and PDF file formats. As these templates have performed the best, we’re offering them to you to download attorney invoice template excel at no cost. A lawyer provides various types of services, and each of those services needs a distinct invoice template. This way, the lawyer can mention all the billing details quickly and most efficiently.

attorney invoice template excel

Change your approach and you’ll find clients approach their invoices with the factual mindset you need. Sure deadbeats exist, but they’re the exception not the rule. Each of these invoices use tables, spacing, bold and italics to create cognitive ease.

Car Rental Invoice Template

After experiencing our onboarding process, settle in for smooth ongoing contact center operations. Schedule appointments for your salesforce using our outbound dialing team. Millennial agents are trained on your own sales techniques and product knowledge. With social media being a favorite for customer complaints, having agents ready to assist customers with issues or questions rounds out an Omnichannel Support Experience. Other than that, using the Attorney invoice brings many indirect benefits that contribute to growing your business. These benefits can set you apart from your competitors and rise above them. Now that we are on the same page, let’s know more about the areas where a lawyer invoice can be used.

Write the date the service was provided to the left, and include the number of hours performed and rate for each to get the amount due for each. This article and related content is the property of The Sage Group plc or its contractors or its licensors (“Sage”). Please do not copy, reproduce, modify, distribute or disburse without express consent from Sage. This article and related content is provided as a general guidance for informational purposes only. Accordingly, Sage does not provide advice per the information included. This article and related content is not a substitute for the guidance of a lawyer , tax, or compliance professional. When in doubt, please consult your lawyer tax, or compliance professional for counsel.

attorney invoice template excel

We have already mentioned a detailed guide for creating professional invoicing templates to maintain branding requirements. Therefore, let’s talk about the different types of invoices for the legal services providing company. Eliminate delays in payment by making sure your clients know what legal services they are paying for by incorporating these handy tips into all your invoices. This provides a record of your agreed-to terms to stand in your corner if any issues arise down the line.

The Client will want to know what he or she is being billed for. Additionally, this entity will want information regarding the Attorney’s pay.

Excel Of Invoice Template

Here are some examples of attorney timesheet templates that you can use to keep track of things easily. Each of these timesheet templates is available as a free download in Google Sheets, PDF format, as a Microsoft Word document or even as a Microsoft Excel file. Use this clean, simple invoice template to bill for products or services. The invoice template sums all the line items and automatically calculates the total. This simple invoice template for Excel is easy to personalize and adapt to your business branding. If a contractor needs to bill per project rather than hourly, simply edit the invoice to show project costs rather than hourly rates. A signature section for authorization is provided at the bottom of the template.

  • You’ve made your life easier with a great invoice template.
  • In most situations, a lawyer will ask for a “retainer”, this is an upfront payment when a client is going to be needing more than 20 hours of time.
  • Once the sheet is full or the case is complete, calculate the billable hours recorded.
  • Another sample, c5067 Attorney Invoice Template , shows South Africa currency symbol.
  • However, remember that they have lots of entries, which can be confusing – especially when clients cancel or skip appointments.

Provide clients with a summary of completed writing tasks, amounts owed, and payment terms. List work completed for auto repair or maintenance, parts used, and itemized costs on this automotive invoice template. The invoice offers customers detailed information on services provided for billing purposes as well as accurate record keeping. Customize the template by adding a business logo and contact information. Similar to an invoice, this work order outlines work to be completed, associated expenses, and total costs. This template also includes starting and ending dates, a work description, costs for labor and materials, and signature lines for client approval.

We designed it specifically for freelancers, accountants, consultants, and other small businesses that are looking for something easy to use with contribution margin a design that is easy to customize. To impress your clients by creating a perfect attorney invoice, you must include a few crucial elements.


Making sure you and your client are on the same page makes everything go smoothly. You can also spare yourself the headache of chasing down payments by agreeing on a time frame with your client before you even start work or provide goods. Experts agree that theinvoice should be raised immediately and the payment terms agreed upon in advance. Be clear and concise in labeling shipping, handling or other fees as well as sales tax or value added tax if applicable. Include a sales tax for taxable items sold to in-state buyers.

In the proceeding column, enter the number of hours that were worked during each service, followed by the hourly rate that is charged for each. Multiply the hours worked by the hourly rate and enter the result into the “Amount” column. Still, it is far from unreasonable to start the invoicing process at the beginning of the engagement.

attorney invoice template excel

Caterers can use this template to invoice customers for a wide range of events. The template provides sections for adding event details and listing catering services. Include item prices for a breakdown of costs along with a grand total and payment instructions to create a comprehensive catering invoice. This blank invoice is a simple template with sections for contact information, an invoice tracking number, the type of goods or services sold, and the amount due. Add your own payment instructions at the bottom of the invoice.

Service Invoice Template

An invoice number is included for keeping organized records. Instead of spending time in performing all the steps mentioned above you can quickly download the template given here and get going with only filling in the details. To begin with, you must know what the required fields are in a legal invoice.

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Include a payment due date and other terms to encourage timely remittance. Now, you know the requirement of a legal invoice and the elements used in it. It’s time to understand the basic design of making an invoice. Find below the difference between invoice templates in word and excel.

Create A Custom Animation Invoice With A Free Invoice Generator

Find below each one of them listed with the reason behind why they are needed. Law firm ID and timekeeper details also will be present in a standard template.

An attorney typically will bill a client of theirs by the number of hours (#) worked along with the hourly rate ($)that is charged. In most situations, a lawyer will ask for a “retainer”, this is an upfront payment when a client is going to be needing more than 20 hours of time.

I will elaborate on the uses of using both in the coming sections. Either way, both are gifted to the world by Microsoft, and there will not be many changes. The receipt is a particular document which will carry a heading called fees receipt and does not require a paid seal. Therefore details like due date and mode of payment will not be stated.

PDF format of billing template that can be used to bill for small firms or solo practitioners. In PDF form this invoicing is a one time cost that can be used for multiple clients. In addition to outlined fields for each billable item, it also has a place for item numbers. Ideal for those who have an extensive catalogue of products and services. Making a legal invoice becomes simple by the InvoiceOwl app. All you have to do is fill in details in the fully customizable invoice template. When a client hires a lawyer for a long term, he/she generally charges the client a partial payment before the total amount is due.

ProForma Invoice – Also known as a ‘preliminary invoice’, is an estimation of what products will cost before they arrive to the customer. Past Due Late Invoice – Letter that is sent after the original invoice sent is past due. The amount will typically include a penalty charge and a warning about the outstanding balance.

It is now implemented as a hyperlink that links to IRS web site, where you can find information explaining what a taxpayer identification number is. Once you’re ready to put this template into production, you can easily remove the hyperlink by following the steps below. Like in the original version, the “Date” column, and the “Case#” and “Case Reference” fields, are not defined in the default template shipped with Invoice Manager for Excel. Step 3 – Bill To – Write the customer’s name, address, and phone number. To the right, include the invoice number and the name and number of the preparer of the invoice. Step 4 – Table – For each separate service involved in working for the client on this case, enter a new row in the table. E.g., questioning witnesses in one row and preliminary hearing in another row.

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