Project Description

ROCA – One Day Design Challenge

First Prize Winners
Type: Competition, Commercial
Role: Designer
Contribution: Conceptualization and Visualization
Contributors: Ms. Reema Chalha

The concept of the project was to redefine how a user interacts with a mirror and sink in the bathroom. The main issues tackled in the design idea were the fogging of the mirror due to steam and it’s versatality to contain not only the sink but also shelving to hold vanity products.

The mirror has been treated as a tilted base that houses the retractable sink and incorporates a motion sensor that in turn sends signals to the defogging machine situated at the back of the mirror to heat up portions of the mirror. Right next to the sink, there are also two shelves for the cabinet that function like drawers on railings and retract back into the wall when not in use.

Dubai, UAE


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